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1. Fuel Ox® was originally designed specifically for the United States Navy in the mid 1970’s and has been steadily improved on in direct response to ongoing requests by this client. The end result is an additive that rectifies more adverse fuel issues than any other and does so in unique and superior ways. No other additive in the world has undergone a more rigorous life of testing and transformation than Fuel Ox®.

2. The Fuel Ox® patented catalyst is metals-based (unique in the industry) and lowers the combustion point of diesel fuel by over 93°C and in gasoline by over 65°C. This results in a more thorough combustion with less unburnt hydrocarbon molecules (soot) that reduces smoke by over 60% and therefore lowers the stress on Diesel Particulate Filters further, resulting in 50%+ less regenerations to in cases that the Cat 4 or Cat 5 emissions systems are not in place. Environmental benefits are obviously significant, though less easy to quantify.

3. More thorough combustion translates into more power, quicker starts and better fuel efficiency: 4 – 10% fuel savings is average.

4. Fuel Ox® is extremely concentrated with 1 gallon treating 10,000 gallons of fuel.

5. Fuel Ox® works in any hydrocarbon based fuel (Jet, Bunker and Kerosene as well as Gas and Diesel) because it interacts directly with the hydrocarbon molecule itself.

6. Fuel Ox® controls harmful microbes such as bacteria and other types of foreign life forms that tend to grow in diesel fuel. Most competitors are forced to offer a separate product to combat this issue.

7. Fuel Ox® is the most comprehensive fuel additive on the planet: in addition to above it adds lubricity to the upper cylinder heads and injectors, removes varnish and carbon buildup in the engine, is a de-emulsifier of water (removing it safely from the fuel), contains anti-corrosives to protect the inside of all fuel tanks and contains stabilizers to protect fuel for up to two years.

In summary, Fuel Ox is an extremely potent and economical product with tangible and easily noticed with normal use.