Modern Technology

Fuel Ox® Infinity Lube is a revolutionary new form of lubricant that not only supplies superior lubrication but
goes far beyond other conventional lubricants. Infinity LubeTM’s proprietary formula conditions the metal itself.
Unlike our competition, no coatings, fillers or other toxic paraffins are needed. Most other lubricants have as their
objectives water displacement and lm lubrication which is oftentimes accomplished by utilizing environmentally
unsafe chemistries. They attempt to reduce metal degradation, but the constant attacks by oxidation and acids on
the metal surfaces means that more applications of the lubricant is required. What Fuel Ox® Innity LubeTM does
dierently is that it conditions the metals rst from within, which will then stop the metallurgical oxidation
condensation catalysis.



This is untreated with the Fuel
Fuel Ox® Innity Lube
Liquid Friction
Eliminator at low pressure
tasting Castrol
$14 per quart

This is the same pin with our Fuel Ox®
innity Lube Liquid Friction
Eliminator in Castrol treated at the
Highest pressures

What makes Fuel Ox® Infinity Lubedifferent is its ability to successfully treat metal itself. The concept of
treating metal is not new but it is very limited due to the reactions that occur. Most lubricants are made up of
Chlorinated ions. Although they reduce friction the draw backs are numerous, including the creation of oxidation
damage to metal. Fuel Ox® Infinity LubeTM’s proprietary biobased formula creates a barrier that causes the
surface of metal to change. Fuel Ox® Infinity LubeTM cleans the existing carbon from the friction points then
increases the vulnerability of the metal to allow the initial friction to smooth and embed its unique components
directly into the metal surfaces. Fuel Ox® Infinity Lube primary ingredient is a forging fluid that creates case
hardening on the peaks of the sub straights – precisely on the direct contacts of the friction points. They become
harder, microscopically smoother, and an anionic charge is created between the metal that cause them to repel
each other. Similar to two magnets with the same polarity, these two magnets oat above each other reducing
drag, friction, operating temperatures, and wear.

This process of conditioning the metal begins to occur at a temperature of 98 F. leaving a new. stronger, harder
surface which allows the overlying lm strength to last 10 times longer or more. Below are pictures taken with an
Electron Microscope showing the before and after effects that Infinity Lube has on metal surfaces.