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SUSTAINABILITY is the key word in responsible business practices in today’s heavy equipment world. Using the Fuel Ox® fuel additive and Ininfinity Lube™ lubricants together will ensure that you are doing the most you can do when it comes to acting responsibly to both the planet and your shareholders.
This sustainability program consists of using Fuel Ox® additives directly in your fuel as well the In infinity Lube™ Liquid Friction Eliminator directly in your oil reservoir, the Super Grease on bearings, chassis, or any other metal surface where friction occurs, and the Penetrating Lubricant on any metal surface where you can’t reach with a grease gun.

Fuel Ox® treatments contain a patented Combustion Catalyst that lowers the combustion point of fuel-causing an earlier, more sustained combustion cycle. This results in a more thorough combustion which leads to an increase of power and fuel efficiency as well as a decrease of emissions and DPF regenerations. Customers commonly report a decrease in DEF usage as well.

Our Ininfinity Lube™ Liquid Friction Eliminator is a 100% plant based product that is also the active ingredient in the Super Grease and Penetrating Lubricant spray. For the first time in history, the emphasis is taken o of lm strength and any coatings and instead, as heat rises, reacts to the metal to remove contact points which by doing so smooths and hardens the metal. It also creates an anionic reaction where the metal surfaces repel other metals. All of this combines to result in less friction, heat, and wear. The Infinity Lube™ line is free of chlorine and other heavy metals found in other so called friction reducers. This treatment and resulting performance is unlike any other lubricant in the world today. While conventional lubricants only provide a 3-8% increase in sustainability, In infinity Lube™ provides up to 20 to 40 times longer this level of protection

Industry has struggled forever to find a way to significantly reduce the cost of maintaining its capital equipment. Friction and inefficiency combustion are the greatest destroyers of machinery and einefficiency respectively. It is our goal to provide the industrial world with the most effective lubricants and fuel
additives possible that would not only extend the life of
equipment but also reduce emissions, fuel consumption and maintenance and replacement parts costs. The Fuel Ox® Infinity Lube and Fuel Ox® fuel additive line of products have accomplished this and by doing so oer value far beyond that of our competition.

. More efficient equipment and better fuel economy

Reduces energy needed to operate machinery, fuel consumption, emissions, and required maintenance and
replacement parts. Less friction equates to lower operating temperatures and less wear which means less energy needed to operate machinery.

This results in lower operating costs. Also a more complete, cleaner combustion of the fuel results in an increase of fuel efficiency, horsepower, and a reduction of emissions

These sustainability benets not only help your bottom line
but also help reduce your environmental footprint. The Fuel
Ox® Innity LubeTM family of lubricants is biobased and almost
completely toxin-free therefore safe for the environment and
Green. Both Fuel Ox® fuel additives and Innity LubeTM
products signicantly reduce greenhouse gases and noxious
fumes expelled into the environment whileusing fewer fossil
fuels to operate the equipment.


• 20 to 40 times longer lasting lubrication
• Go as much as three times longer between       all changes
• Allows overlying lm strength to last 10 times
  longer or more than the competition
• Flattens & smooths metals on a micron level


• Increase in fuel efficiency of 4 – 10%
• Reduction in DEF usage by over 20%
• Reduction in DPF regenerations by 60%
• Reduction in DPF cleanings & replacements of 60%
or more
• Reduction in soot buildup on ECRs by 60% or more &
reduction of EGR component failure and replacements
• Increase in injector life & increase in filter life
• 1:10,000 treatment ratio is easier to work with and
transport and store and reduces human error in
• Reduction in fuel rail sensor replacements
• Much cleaner DOCS
• Much less fuel degradation issues


• Overall decrease of emissions
• Soot by as much as 70%
• CO2 by 20%
• NO by 12%
• NOx by 8%
• H2S by 12.5%
• Using less fossil fuels to operate equipment

• Less emissions

Both Fuel Ox® and Ininfinity Lube™ Liquid Friction Eliminator will reduce soot by 50% – 90% which will result in less regenerations, longer lasting diesel particulate filters (DPFs) and cleaner exhaust gas recirculation valves (EGRS). CO2 has also been proven to be reduced by over 20% and NOx by over 10%

• Longer oil life/Cleaner used oil

Oil will last up to 3 to 5 times longer using Infinity Lube™Liquid
Friction Eliminator, reducing the frequency of disposing used oil and lowering operating expenses. Furthermore, the lack of
metals and other harmful chemicals in all Infinity Lube™
products results in a cleaner discharge oil at the time of

• Extend equipment life

Our products will extend equipment lifespan and operational
uptime, and also decrease maintenance and replacement costs

• Environmenta lly responsible products second to none

The Fuel Ox® Innity LubeTM family of lubricants is biobased and toxin free therefore safe for the environment and “Green.” Fuel Ox® fuel additives signicantly reduce greenhouse gases and noxious fumes expelled into the environment while using less fossil fuels to operate equipment.