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McGinnis Inc., a division of McNational Inc. a 100+ year old company providing transportation, maintenance and repair in the Marine Industry.

March 2020 – Mr. Gary Gills, Safety Director, writes:

Lubrication is essential to our operation due to massive tons moving through our facility. Every grease and lube we tried died out quickly or became saturated. Wear and corrosion quickly became enemy #1. Prior to 2005, all our applications were falling prey to downtime and costly equipment replacements. There was no grease or lube we have not tried but the friction forces driven by weights of 2500 tons coupled with environmental issues proved great losses to our operations. …we tried the [Fuel Ox® Infinity LubeTM SG] blended grease in our Trolley Carriage that submerges out and under the Ohio River within the 140-10 inch Timken railway carts. These bearings proved impossible to present any measurable sustainability due to water, mud, sand and weights from the barges loaded on the trolley. Once loaded, there cable pulled up a 18% incline on 5 sets of railroad tracks within 35 rail carts all according to the size of the barges. At times, they’re as big as a football field. The dangers are at a maximum level staying far away from the entire unit. Five steel cables pulling extreme weight. In order to make the pulls, greasing these bearings was at least twice a day. We were losing these bearings at times as much as 5 per month. The losses prior to 2005 was of the costs of replacements, tremendous downtime in production, labor and risk to safety. We began using the [Infinity LubeTM SG) within all the bearings and within days, we began to see tremendous results. The bearings were not extracting water during greasing. They were not heating up during pulls. We stopped losing bearings. As time went on the bearings were using less grease and the water was hardly coming out. Failures on the bearings decreased. The greasing intervals went from 2 times a day to once or twice a month. We had finally found true sustainability for the Trolley carriage. From 300 ton to 2400 ton loads the bearings were holding. Its very difficult to understand the superiority of Fuel Ox®’s Infinity Lube™ SG until you take time and visit our operation.

They have further reported total savings in bearings alone at $9,645,000 since then. This does not take into account the the elimination of the cost of labor for replacements, decreased downtime for the Trolley and facility plus reductions in greasing intervals. This gives them a ROI of 100x.


Mining Company Testimonial just want to tell you how amazed I am with the HE-2500 concentrate. We applied HE-2500 grease to the bucket pins of a 988H CAT loader. This is an application where we have historically had to grease the pins every 10-12 hours of operation. Regardless of the grease we applied. If we did not grease the pins in that time frame, they will start squealing and we would have to shut down the equipment. On the day we started our test, at 10 am, the ambient temperature was about 52 degrees F. Using a heat gun, the pivot point, pin area, was 31 degrees F. We greased the pins on the bucket with HE-2500 grease and purged all of the old grease. At the end of that shift, the pins were doing great. We did not grease them again. The next morning at 10 am, the ambient temperature was 56. The pivot point was only 5 degrees. This was truly unexpected. Obviously, the heat reduction occurred due to tremendous friction reduction after applying the HE-2500 grease. Due to the fact that we had never witnessed this level of performance before, to validate the performance, we decided to not grease the pins but, check them again later. Ultimately, we ran the machine 6 shifts, using the machine in situations where water was covering the pins, before we re-greased the pins. At that point the pins still were quiet and there was no sign of any squealing. That’s not all the next incredible part of this is the volume of grease required to obtain this phenomenal performance. With our typical greases, our service engineer had to usually put 7-10 pumps of grease in the pins, before it would begin to come out. With HE-2500 grease, even after running the machine for 6 shifts, instead of the normal time of 1 shift, it only took 2 pumps of grease to fill the pins. In conclusion, with applying the HE-2500 grease our 988 Cat Loader ran 6x longer and used approx. 80% less grease. We obtain significant cost savings in labor, less downtime/higher productivity and lower grease consumption. HE-2500 is the real deal and we are grateful Howie introduced us to this amazing technology. Chris Goble Maintenance Coordinator Large Mining Co. In Eastern Ky.


Our applications push conventional lubricants to their limits and beyond. The extreme weights, metal to metal contact, friction, and harsh conditions for exceed the capabilities of any line of conventional lubricants. I began working with Fuel Ox® Infinity Lube™ in 2005 due to our T-rail tracks peeling and destructing during barge pulls from the Ohio River. Fuel Ox® Infinity Lube™ solved a very severe problem and its sustainability for exceeds any other lubricant product we have ever used. The pressure and friction of 1400 tons of rolling steel on steel rails presented problems that only Infinity Lube™ could resolve. Because of these amazing results we treated our crane engines, crane boom hoist assemblies, drive chains and steel chains in our blast and paint area. We then moved on to our hydraulic units to solve a heating and failure problem where Infinity Lube™ achieved great results. We also added the Infinity Lube™ Super Grease to our (10″Timken) bearings on our wheel carts used to support and move the barges and immediately stopped frequent bearing failures. A Linkbelt crane started losing power and smoking, we found engine coolant blowing out of the dipstick tube. We drained several gallons of coolant out of the oil pan, added Infinity Lube™ Liquid Friction Eliminator and started the engine back up. The engine ran like nothing ever happened with just a slight trace of smoke. We finished this job which took another 30 days only to shut down almost on a daily basis to drain engine coolant from the oil pan and changed the oil once during this period., I have trusted this product 100% after this incident. Since 2005 we have experienced countless seemingly impossible results with this product. The performance is of course very important but its sustainability since 2005 has proven to us that the savings due to lack of) down time, replacement of failed parts and aftermarket lubricants is unimaginable.

Raymond L Lore Jr. Construction Superintendent

McGinnis Inc. South Point, Ohio – July 24, 2019


I have been using Fuel Ox® Infinity LubeTM Super Grease, Liquid Friction Eliminator, and Penetrating Lubricant spray lubes for almost 10 years now within the wind turbine industry. The results are totally unequaled and the sustainability’s light years ahead of all other greases and lubes. Before I was introduced to Infinity Lube™, we were using Shaffer greases, Exxon Mobil, Kluber Isolflex NBU 75, Red and Tacky and countless other greases in the attempt to find some real levels of sustainability to the lube programs for our turbines we service. Now we’ve begun treating the Hawaiian and Alaskan turbines with excellent results. Keeping these turbines properly greased and lubed determines their very lives. All grease we tried before, not only would not present measurable sustainability, but would even cause drag of the energy outputs. The Infinity Lube™ system actually increases the outputs of the turbines.

Jeff Fellhauer, Power Grid Partners


My name is Jeff Bearden with CUDD Pressure Control located in Broussard Louisiana. We survive on the proper lubricants and greasing intervals on our wells all across the country. No one is more skeptical than I am even though was impressed with what I saw when I first tried Fuel Ox® Infinity Lube™ Super Grease and Liquid Friction Eliminator. I placed an order and moved forward with testing. We have many moving parts on our high-pressure double pumper fluid pumps. I have tried every grease and oil known to the industry, but what I witnessed with this metal conditioner was nothing short of a paradigm shift in lubrication. Our wear and greasing intervals were reduced so drastically that I’ve commissioned our main office to start full implementations throughout all applications of this PM program.

Jeff Bearden, CUDD Energy Services Pump & Field


Lamgold Essakane Mine Burkina Faso April 28 to May 9, 2021 Report Compiled by R Taylor, President Fuel Ox®

Reducing Carbon Emissions and Energy Costs around the Globe

For more information call The Fuel Ox at 844-8FUELOX® Made in the USA

Executive Summary

Fuel Ox® with Combustion Catalyst reduces Carbon and Noxious Gas Emissions while reducing Energy
Consumption in Diesel fueled Equipment.
In September 2019, the Essakane mine successfully tested Fuel Ox® in a Water pump achieving a fuel
consumption saving of 9.75%.
The purpose of this trial on large heavy haul equipment, was to confirm savings are achievable across a
full range of mining equipment.
Testing on two Caterpillar 785C Large Haul Trucks and a Caterpillar D-9 Bulldozer successfully
confirmed this, achieving 8.12%, 10.1% for the Heavy Haul Trucks and 32.1% for the Bulldozer.
The mine currently consumes 123,205,882 litres of LFO and HFO annually at an approximate cost of
Whilst demonstrated fuel savings have exceeded 8% it is likely the savings on the HFO power plant, to
be ascertained during the forthcoming trial in July, are likely to be less.
Even so, Fuel Ox® has demonstrated that approximately 16,500 tons in CO2 and 6,151,294 litres of fuel
and more than $4 million annually could be saved with only a 5% average reduction in fuel
consumption across the mine.

Trial and Results
Testing was overseen by Mohammed Barakate of Iamgold and Abraham Collins of ISG/Fuel Ox®.
Equipment tested on:

 • Caterpillar 785c 150-ton Haul Trucks (2)
  o CM 284
  o CM 811
 • Caterpillar D-9 Bulldozer
  o TC 744

For more information call The Fuel Ox at 844-8FUELOX® Made in the USA


 • CM 284
  o Base (without Fuel Ox® with Combustion Catalyst): 9863.4 liters of fuel used in 83 hours
= 118.84 l/hr.
  o Total with Fuel Ox® additive: 11197.9 liters, 100 hours = 111.98 for an increase of 5.77%
  o Because of the great amount of cleaning of the system that takes place it is best to
concentrate on the end of the period that has utilized Fuel Ox®. Therefore, it is customary
to take the last 5 fill-ups and calculate the difference. In this case it results in 6442 liters,
59 hours = 109.19 or an improvement of 8.12%

 • CM 811
  o Base: 14156 liters, 109.29 hours = 129.53 l/hr.
  o Total: 13621.7 liters. 109.93 hours = 123.91l/hr. which resulted in an improvement of
  o Last 5 fill-ups: 6519.8 liters, 116.43 hours = 116.43 or an improvement of 10.1%

 • TC 744 (Cat Dozer)
  o Without Fuel Ox® additive: 2853 liters, 64 hours = 44.58 l/hr.
  o Total with Fuel Ox®: 2390 liters, 79 hours = 30.25 l/hr. for an improvement of 32.14%
  o There is no need to break down to the last five fill-ups in this case as this is indicative of
Fuel Ox with Combustion Catalyst not only improving combustion but also cleaning the
fouled portions of the engines- in this case it is a likely injector or two that was keeping
the machine from achieving peak efficiency. This will commonly happen when heavy
equipment is not using optimum fuel and there is no additive to keep deposits from

The test on these three pieces of equipment is indicative that using Fuel Ox® with Combustion Catalyst
on a regular basis will help IAMGOLD achieve their aim of reducing their Global Carbon Footprint
whilst saving the company money.
Not only is a monetary saving achieved but as demonstrated through many other trials across the globe
there would be savings in
 • SO3
 • Soot

For more information call The Fuel Ox at 844-8FUELOX® Made in the USA
 • PM’s
 • CO
 • CO2
 • NOx
 • SOx
Which will result in a reduction of damaged parts, smoother, cleaner running engines and increased
asset life resulting in lower Capital Expenditure.
If used mine-wide, annual fuel savings, with only a 5% reduction in consumption could exceed
US$4,000,000. This, before any consideration of less maintenance issues with bad fuel, failed injectors,
cleaner filters, etc., all of which equate to further savings. Taking into effect all these things the real total
benefits are likely $6-8 million annually.
The Fuel Ox® with Combustion Catalyst – based on the sole fact it increases the combustion – literally is
burning more of the fuel which directly results in less emissions. In fact, soot is decreased by 50-70%,
CO2 by 15-20%, NOx by about 10% and SOx by about 10%. All these lead to a cleaner environment and
the potential procurement of carbon credits as well.
In conclusion, if IAMGOLD were to use Fuel Ox® in all its Diesel, both HFO and LFO, fuel across all
mines, there would not only be a financial benefit, but it would also enable the company to achieve its
motto of Zero Harm, leading to a cleaner and healthier environment.

Footnote: There is an ongoing test with Infinity Lubes™ which will be covered in a subsequent report, but
which has already shown significant improvement in the operation of the drill rigs.