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The Fuel Ox® is the most versatile and effective fuel additive on the market. It is ideally suited for treatment of vehicles in the trucking industry due to the fact that The Fuel Ox® contains a patented catalyst that improves combustion resulting in 

1) Better fuel economy, 
2) Less emissions that, in turn, result in
3) Less strain on DPF systems and a decrease in regenerations. 

The Fuel Ox® also removes carbon buildup and injector fouling while adding lubricity to upper cylinder heads and injectors. Typical results from tests that have taken place show an average increase in efficiency of 4 – 10%.


Company name Vehicle/Machine Fuel type Improvement
Voller’s Excavation 2014 Semi Tractor Diesel16.00%
Cold Storage Trucking 2015 Freightliner Diesel5.30%
Fine Line Transportation 2014 Peterbilt Cummins Engine Diesel5.70%
Wolf Pak Transport 2015 Kenworth W900 Diesel9.10%


Company name Vehicle/Machine Fuel type Improvement
Sheppard Bus 2007 Bluebird International Diesel11.20%
Randolph NJ BOE Stand Bus / V-8 Cummins Diesel12.20%
Passaic Country Transport 2011 Ford 6.8 Liter Transit Bus Gas17%
Randolph NJ BOEBus Van / V-8 Cummins Gas5.50%

Construction/Heavy Machinery

Company name Vehicle/Machine Fuel type Improvement
Cranford DPW Sewer Vacuum Truck Diesel36.36%
Down’s Tree Service International 7600 w/ acrane Diesel21.60%
Sparta Sand & Gravel Fleet: 19 Mixers and 5 Triaxle Dump Trucks Diesel8%
Miller Farms2003 Case IH STX 275 with a cummins 550 engine Diesel7.55%


Company name Vehicle/Machine Fuel type Improvement
Cranford NJ DPW Sewer Vacuum Truck Diesel36.36%
NJ Turnpike Authority 2011 Ford 6.8 Liter Trnsit Bus Gas7.60%
Fair Lawn NJ DPW Garbage Truck (Packer) Diesel28.10%
Cumberland Country DPW2009 Ford F-550 6.4 Liter Pickup Diesel5.70%

Waste and Recycling

Company name Vehicle/Machine Fuel type Improvement
Dumont NJ DPW 2009 International Max Froce Diesel12.2%
T Farese DirectGarbage Truck (Packer)Diesel8.25%
Greenburg NY DPW Garbage Truck (Packer) Diesel19%
Klein’s Reycling Mack Tractor Diesel6.4%

Some of the additional benefits of using Fuel Ox® Mare: 

• Treat 10,000 gallons of fuel with just one gallon of additive
• Eliminate and prevent microbial growth
• Add lubricity to your upper cylinder heads and injectors
• Stabilize fuel and break down sludge
• Eliminate water from fuel
• And more….

Lastly, we pride ourselves on customer service and our ability to customize any order. If you have a specific request, we will work hard to meet your needs. We will do our best to deliver what you want when you want it.